Onshore Mudcoolers

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Mud cooling is essential in most HP/HT Geothermal drilling operations and geothermal well testing. Drill bit friction, down hole formation temperatures and other factors increase mud temperatures, changing physical properties of the mud, which may create hazards for the safety of personnel and drilling/well equipment.

Task is a company of specialists dedicated to avoiding these hazards and increase the service life of drilling and well equipment. One of our specialties is mud cooling, and the Task mud cooling equipment has a number of features to maximize performance and reliability, at the same time ensuring environmental protection against leakages and other hazards. We specialize in both offshore mud cooling equipment based on the use of sea water as a main cooling agent and in onshore mudcoolers using air as a main cooling agent in combination with a closed circuit cooling system and optionally a compressor type cooler.

The Task onshore mudcoolers are based on a two step closed loop cooling design. The hot mud is passed through a plate heat exchanger, where a circulating water glycol mixture or water absorbs heat from the mud. Fan-cooled radiators lower the temperature of the cooling agent in turn, allowing efficient operation and secure well conditions. This system can be expanded by a compressor type cooling module to increase performance. Task mud cooling equipment is designed to consider the environment and operational as well as working conditions. Design and construction of the equipment guarantee optimum drilling conditions; if required enclosures and sound baffles can be installed for a further reduction of noise levels for crew and site surroundings.

Technical Details
Model ONM-IS 1000 ONM-IS 1500 ONM-IS 3000
Overall Dimensions
lenght (mm) 6000 6000 6000
width (mm) 2450 2450 2450
height (mm) 3000 5600 5600
Weight (mm) 16000 16000 16000
Cooler Specs
Flowrate (ltr/min) 2500 2500 2500
Mud Density (kw) 1.85 1.85 1.85
Design Inlet Temperature (°C) 85 85 85
Design Outlet Temperature (°C) 75 70 60
Ambient Temperature (°C) 20 20 20
Cooling Capacity (KW) 1000 1500 3000